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Cratus Business Services UK LTD Offers You The Dream Location For Your Serviced Office

glass fronted office block

The Benefits Of Having A Serviced Office In Dubai

Dubai offers the ideal serviced office location with a range of benefits that negate the need for crippling costs associated with:


• Employment

• Office expense

• Office Maintenance 

• Medical/Insurance

• Furnishing

• IT and Internet bills

• Utility bills

In addition to these benefits, you won't be tied into any long term commitment.

Typically, commercial space in a prime location in Dubai can cost anything from AED 40,000 upwards in Deira to as much as AED 120,000 in Sheikh Zayed Road. Additionally, the costs associated with employing an office secretary can amount to as much as AED 80,000 per annum. Other costs such as utilities and internet costs can be around AED 30,000 whilst furnishing and ancillary equipment can cost anything upward of AED 50,000.

Clearly then, serviced office options become so much more appealing. 

Cost Comparison Table For Serviced Office.JPG

Our high profile sites

API Trio Novotel Hotel Al Barsha, Dubai


An amazing iconic development, the API Trio Towers are situated on Sheikh Zayed Road allowing easy access to all major business hubs in Dubai and proximity to Media City.

48 Burj Gate Sofitel Hotel Downtown Dubai


One of the most high-end locations in Dubai, the Sofitel Hotel is not only highly desirable but is conveniently located in Downtown Dubai and affords easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and is conveniently located next to the Dubai Mall Metro Station.

Cratus Business Services UK LTD is rightly proud of its heritage and the holistic way it conducts its business with our valued customers. Our services are extensive and include

Company Formation Services
Business Support Services

If you have any questions, we welcome all enquiries so please call us on 07440 271764 for further information on the exciting opportunity that is Dubai.

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